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 May - June  2002      


Bishop Noel Jones in the United Kingdom is advocating that Church weddings be abolished completely to prevent people from "committing perjury" at the altar. This is because of the alarming number of people who reappear at the same altars after a few years to once again pledge to live "till death do us part" with other partners after their initial marriages have ended in divorce. The Bishop said the Church should have nothing to do with marriages, ordinarily; but for couples who accept they would be entering a lifelong commitment and who are so "religiously minded that they say, 'I can't believe that this marriage is proper unless God is involved in it' then the Church can (optionally step in to give a blessing)". (Guardian June 2, pg 27). 
It is true that the divorce figures around the world continue to be a sad reminder of how the devil is perverting God's institutions in our world. But must the Church throw in the towel?

Bishop William Smalley of the Kansas diocese of the Episcopal Church (Anglican communion) has said his church will allow clerical blessings of homosexual couples, and heterosexuals who decide not to get married due to "financial hardship". According to Associated Press (4th July), the Bishop believes his diocese is the first to bless unmarried heterosexuals, whereas with homosexuals, "others are doing it, but are very quiet about it".
In the meantime, the Rev. Samuel Edwards has quit the Episcopal Church to form a Southern Maryland mission Church for the Anglican Province of Christ the King. He said he was opposed to the Church's ordination of women and tolerant view of homosexual activity. He maintains that the church is "hell-bound"

At the Federal Medical Centre, Azare in Bauchi State, all nurses and midwives are now required to dress in the Islamic mode dictated by the Sharia legal system. Some of the Christian staff who refused to comply have been reportedly relieved of their jobs. Decrying this situation, Bauchi CAN has issued a statement urging the FG to immediately address the injustice displayed on the issue. The body also noted that Christians and Moslems had been co-existing peacefully in the state before the introduction of Sharia. (Guardian May 26 pg 25)
Meanwhile, authorities at Adeyemi College of Education are expressing discomfort at increasing number of people who walk the College streets totally veiled. Given the peculiar problems on ground, the College authorities believe wanted cult members might have started using this method to move around in cognito. How good if Islamic ladies who want to show their commitment to the Koran will go the whole way and simply remove themselves entirely from co-educational public institutions as recommended in the Koran for pious women!

Meanwhile, the Supreme Council for Sharia has in a recent communiqué "directed that Islamic scholars, committed Moslems should participate FULLY in partisan politics and vie for any political office that will facilitate the implementation of Sharia" (The Comet May 1). This directive is quite legitimate of course. But it should alert serious Christians to take serious matters serious.


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In Nigeria, Sharia creeps down-South
Over 2000 Moslem youths displaying placards with inscriptions such as "Give us Sharia for peace to reign", staged a rally around Ibadan, the Oyo State capital on April 30. Dressed in complete Islamic garbs including veils for the females, the demonstrators reportedly "triggered uncomfortable feelings among the on-lookers". (Guardian May 1, pg 5) 

The fact is that despite considerable difficulty, Sharia legal system is gradually inching its way South of the Niger. The Oyo state governor, in particular, has been under considerable pressure in the past 2 years or so, to declare Sharia in the state, but so far he has continuously refused to do so. However, the race for a second term is on, and who knows...? For now in Oyo state, a non - governmental panel has been launched to oversee "civil sharia", while in the meantime, the State governor has been installed to the office of the main vanguard of Islam in all of Yorubaland. Hmm, let's keenly watch out to see what and where all this drama is supposed to lead !


Back home in Nigeria, acclaimed singer Sonny Okosuns through his recent book is trailing the same path (see "Priest openly denies Jesus as Son of God" on first page), and straining himself to 'show' that "Jesus did no miracle". With developments as these, who but a hypocrite can still keep asking for signs that we are in the endtimes?



Lagos State on the way to adapting World Core Curriculum on Education 
Remember the World Core Curriculum? This is the curriculum designed by the acclaimed father of UN education, Robert Muller in partnership with someone called Djwhal Khul. That this latter openly acknowledged co-author is not a human being but a spirit being operating in the Tibets did not deter the UN from adopting this document as the pattern for global education in the very near future. (please see our previous articles in Vol 2 No 6 ). Aspects of this document has been the backbone of the new curriculums being designed all over the world including Nigeria and South Africa as we have exhaustively mentioned before (Vol 4 Nos 4,5 and 6)
Now the Lagos State House of Assembly is spearheading an accelerated introduction of these ideas into the country. According to House Speaker, Olurunnimbe Mamora, a new bill is being drafted to accomplish the UN objective for education. This include that "education shall be directed to the full development of the human personality.." as well as to "further the activities of the UN for the maintenance of peace". (Comet, May 1, page 5). There is more beyond these apparently innocuous noble objectives. Recall that the UN holds that the occultic practice of Transcedental Meditation, for instance, is one excellent way of "fully developing" the human personality and that such should be included in educational curricula, especially at the university levels (see Vol 3 No 2).





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