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 May - June  2002      


DEATH PENALTY SOUGHT FOR MUSLIMS WHO CONVERTED TO CHRISTIANITY Moslem prosecutors are seeking the death penalty for 2 men accused of converting from Islam to Christianity. Lawali Yakubu and Ali Jafaru, both in their 30s, were accused in the Sharia Court of Mada town Zamfara state of recently abandoning the Islamic faith and joining the Great Commission Movement, a Christian missionary group. However, Judge Auwal Jabaka is not sure whether the state's 2-year-old Sharia penal code permits the execution of these "offenders" according to the Koran. He has therefore called on the Zamfara State government to help clarify which is supreme: Sharia or the Nigerian Constitution that allows freedom to choose one's religion. However the Judge leaves no doubt about his personal disposition: "If the law empower me to (execute the two for converting from Islam to Christianity), I will have no hesitation in doing that.." he was quoted as saying. In the meantime, the honorable judge gave the two young Christian converts 3 days to "re-convert" back to Islam. AP, April 24).

AT LAST, FG MAKES PRONOUNCEMENT ON SHARIA  The Federal Government, after nearly 30 months, has finally made an official pronouncement on the Sharia Criminal Law in Nigeria. In an official memorandum to the governors of states implementing the Sharia code, the Justice Minister, Godwin Agabi (SAN) urged them to "take steps to secure modifications of Sharia so that the courts will not be obliged to impose punishments which derogate from the rights of Moslems under the Constitution". The Justice Minister further added that the Constitution is supreme and "to proceed on the basis that the Constitution does not exist, or that it is irrelevant, is to deny the existence of the nation itself". Very strong words indeed
The Minister further made it clear that a situation where we have an arbitrary society based on the discretion of our rulers is "totally unacceptable". Expectedly, Sharia advocates, not finding any of these any pleasant, are threatening fire and brimstones. But the reality is that an official pronouncement has now finally been made and the ball is now in the court of anyone so aggrieved to go to Court

US SENATOR CONFIRMS LABORATORY BIRTH OF AIDS    A US Senator (Florida), Bill Nelson has confirmed the evidence that AIDS originated from United States laboratory. According to leading HIV researcher, Dr Benjamin Sanders, the resolve of the United States to create a "special" virus was clearly demonstrated by the so-called 1971 AIDS Flow Chart. See http://www.boydgraves.com/press/032502.doc  for full details. Readers will recall that we had cited earler an article in the Bulletin of the WHO, Vol 47, page 259, 1972. Where experts called for attempts to check if viruses can be manipulated to selectively affect the immune system in exactly the same way as does HIV, which emerged 'mysteriously' soon after this suggestion. Blue mass murder is going on in the open in the world, and most would prefer not to see it!


MASSACRES IN CHURCH At the International Protestant Church, Islamabad, Pakistan, two men walked in to the Church, tossed 6 grenades and walked away, shutting the doors behind them. Only 3 of the grenades exploded, but it was enough to cause a massive number of casualty leaving at least 5 worshippers dead on the spot. 45 others were wounded, several of them critically (Comet March 18 pg 11). In a similar vein, Colombian catholic priest Juan Ramon Numez was shot dead while conducting mass in his La Argentina parish south of the capital, Bogola. He and a member of the congregation were killed while he was administering Communion. He was an outspoken critic of the drug mafia. (Punch, April 8, pg 13)
UNDERGRADUATE ROASTS OWN BABY ALIVE: A 20 year old undergraduate at the Ogun State University, Ago-Iwoye has reportedly roasted her one month-old baby boy alive. The 300-level Economics student in her statement to the Police explained why she did the sordid act: "I'm ashamed of the baby, I don't know his father. His head is too big and he has a tail" The callous mother was picked up by the Police together with 3 of her friends while roasting the baby alive in a bush. (Sunday Punch, March 24, page 1). In a related event in nearby Sagamu, a landlord is being held by the Police for allegedly throwing a 5-month old baby boy of one of his tenants into a well over rent palaver.


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  Meanwhile, efforts by New World Order advocates to legitimize sexual molestation of children and make homosexual relations between adults and children appear normal, continue with the recent publication of a book authored by Judith Levine. Titled "Harmful to Minors: The Perils of Protecting Children from Sex", the book published by the University of Minnesota and which has a forward written by former US Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders attempts to debunk public fears over adult/child sex. In an interview, Levine said it's "conceivably, absolutely" possible that boys who have been molested by clerics could view it as a positive experience for them. She added that when she was a minor, she too had had sex with an adult, and she considers it today "a perfectly good experience." Levine is the founder of a feminist guerrilla theater called "No More Nice Girls." 
13- YEAR OLD STUDENT HANGS SELF: Master Uche Emejuru hanged himself with a belt from a balcony of a 5-room bungalow where he lived with his parents reported the Guardian on its front page (March 16). No suicide note was left and it is suspected that the youngster was attempting to practice what he watched in home video suicide scenes. 


Church Demolition in Abuja: The Rhema Chapel Church, located at Utako Area of Abuja was razed to the ground within 48 hours of the ruling by a Mobile Court on illegal structures for its demolition. The Court had given the Church up to 30 days to appeal, and the Church was preparing to do that. The Minister in charge of the Church, Yomi Otenaike described the act as "a subtle plan to stunt the growth of Christianity in the Federal Capital Territory".
Due to the sudden demolition, property worth over N8 million including cabinet, furniture, computer system etc were lost. (Punch April 22, pg 8). Meanwhile in Lagos, the Lagos government is trying to mend fences with the Churches, whose buildings were earlier destroyed (Punch pg 7 April 22).


The merciless maze of the World Order: A suspected bank robber has confessed to the Police in Lock Haven, Pennsylvania (USA) that he stole $9,000 because he needed money to cover his bail bond and stay out of jail. The 27 year old man had written a cheque to cover his bail in an earlier charge of robbery of a laundry, but he needed funds to support the cheque. What a sad cycle!

More Groups push for Abstinence as weapons against AIDS: Contrary to the position of the United Nations that human beings can not rise above their supposed animal promiscuous sex drive and that the only 'practical' way of halting the HIV/AIDS menace is by making gifts of millions of condoms to poor countries, many groups are beginning to point out that the only safe sex is responsible sex - in the context of a marriage contract. One such group is the Health and Life Planning Club of the Shepherd Hill Baptist Girls High School, Obanikoro, Lagos. Now back under Mission control, the School believes abstinence from sex by young girls is very practical and remains the only way to fight "teenage pregnancies, drug abuse and STDs", including HIV/AIDS. (Details in Comet, March 24, pg 13). We believe this is a very commendable effort indeed.


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