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 May - June  2002      



MANDATORY ISLAM STUDIES COURSE IN CALIFORNIA PUBLIC SCHOOLS: 7th graders (SS1 students) in a school district in California, USA are being required to take a COMPULSORY Islam studies course. In the course, children are encouraged to pray in the name of Allah, dress in Islamic garb, and describe what kind of Jihad they want to be involved in. This development (part of the larger inter-faith agenda) shows the seriousness of Islam to enforce its influence upon society, anywhere it gets the opportunity. In countries such as Nigeria, Islam foists its agenda via militancy and appeal to chaos, whereas in developed countries such as the United Kingdom and the United States, it appeals equally effectively to the Rule of Law to achieve the same end. To read more about this controversy in the US, click here 


Apart from religiously-motivated shootings and killings as reported on the front page, the past few weeks also witnessed shooting sprees in other areas of society in this evil generation. A few samples: 

8 Dead in Paris Shooting: After a late-night council meeting at Nanterre town hall in the Western Paris suburb, a 33 year old gunman (ecologist and green activist) quietly rose up and shot 8 people dead with an automatic pistol. 30 more were injured, 14 of them critically so. The gunman, named Durn, later committed suicide in Police custody by jumping from the 4th floor of police headquarter in Central Paris.

Police officers in shooting spree: A veteran police officer went on a rampage in two New Jersey towns, killing 5 of his neighbours and wounding 2 others. The killer cop, Edward Lutes, a Seaside Heights police officer for 15 years is still at large. The initial shooting happened about a mile from the street where a retired Police Officer had gone from house to house firing a revolver and killing his grand daughter and 3 neighbours earlier on Feb 21. (Punch April 11, pg 13). Even as we go to Press, there is the report of another Police killing, this time in Eastern Nigeria. A bridegroom and his bride together with one of their parents were reportedly killed.

Gutenberg School Shooting: The mother of all shooting however was the school shooting at Johann Gutenberg Gymnasium High School, Erfurt, Germany where a 19 year old expelled student gunned down 13 teachers, 2 students and a policeman on April 26. Robert Steinhaenser had prepared the attacks for months, stockpiling about 1000 rounds of ammunition. Thankfully, he was not able to use his pump-action shot gun which was thought to have jammed. However the havoc he caused with his pistol has gone down as the worst ever school shooting in the world.

Doctors May Get Sued Over Abortion/Breast Cancer Link WorldNet Daily reported on Wednesday that doctors who perform abortions could be held legally liable if they fail to inform their patients of the link between abortion and breast cancer. A North Dakota lawsuit against an abortion clinic seeks to force the clinic personnel to inform women about their increased risk of breast cancer if they abort their children. The Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer says that 28 of 37 studies "show a link between abortion and breast cancer," yet most abortionists refuse to advise their clients of the risks. For more on this, go HERE and HERE (Source: TVC NEWS Vol. 5, Issue 13, March 29, 2002)
At long last, Homosexuality And Child Molestation Among Catholic Clergy Finally Becomes News Material:
 For decades, a few Christian newsletters and magazines had consistently alerted the world of unspeakable evils going on within the file and rank of supposed holy fathers and nuns of the Catholic Church - homosexualism, abortion, rape, child-molestation and all other sorts. But none of the 'courageous' Pulitzer winning journalists and their media houses deemed it necessary for any "investigative journalism" on the issue. Anyway, who knows what cue was now sounded, suddenly the airwaves and newspaper pages are filled with reports of the extensive homosexualism and child molestation of several hundreds of Catholic Fathers against innocent and helpless members of their own congregations. On our part, we have usually restricted our reports on these unspeakable acts in the Catholic Church largely to the Church's own reports (e.g. Vol 4 No 3) - and even those alone should be sufficient to make any honest person to question whether the catholic church is building Christ's kingdom here on earth or another's kingdom. Take the recent scandal together with other well-documented facts of the Church's involvement in murders and assassination (even of Popes!), promotion of a one-world religion (to bring together every spiritual expression on earth - including Satanists, occultists, etc!), and one will have no choice but agree with Spurgeon and other eminent spirit-filled Christians that the transformation of the catholic church to the anti-christ church of Rev 17 is inevitable and almost complete. Yet all these do not mean there are still no godly individuals in the Church. And it is to these that the Lord expressly speaks: "Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues" (Rev 18:4).
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 Face-Saver or Death-knell for Sharia? The Sharia train has backed-up after meeting its first real challenge, thus confirming it is nothing more than a political tool. While several notables, including Moslem clerics and legislators continue to get involved with immoral and anti-Sharia acts without anyone batting an eye, Sharia has so far maintained its appearance of success, seriousness and relevance by its merciless dealings with the masses and commoners caught in its web. Usually, to get the offender to co-operate and maintain a smiling religious face rather than agree to be defended by Human Rights groups, a large amount of 'rehabilitation money' is usually paid him/her by the government. Now, while all these could work for people about to be flogged, or about to lose a limb, how much do you pay to get a woman agree to be stoned to death, pretending to be a pious Moslem? 
So was the case of Safiya, who had been sentenced to be stoned to death. With a global outcry and an 'uncooperative' Safiya, it is not surprising that the powers-behind-Sharia quickly concocted some Islamic arguments to declare her very innocent. The arguments included the possibility that the pregnancy could have been due to the legitimate (ex-)husband who had slept with Safiya some two years before the pregnancy. And Safiya's self-confession that she was hypnotized by the man she claimed slept with her was overthrown. Indeed, it was Safiya who had first gone to Court to try to get the man take some financial responsibility of his daughter. It was when the matter became 'Shariac' that both of them started denying ever "knowing" each another!
Though it looks Sharia already has its back to the wall, it might still be too early to pronounce it dead. Just as Safiya was being discharged and acquitted, a new sentence was being given in Bakori village of Katsina State. Amina Lawal Kurami is accused of having a baby out of wedlock. The death sentence is delayed for 8 months to allow Amina breastfeed her baby.



 Legal and environmental experts from the Tokyo-based United Nations' University are calling that the Rio+10 environmental meeting scheduled for Johannesburg this August should create a global body with powers over the environment, similar to those of the World Trade Organisation over international trade. However, they also acknowledged that such a call will be controversial "as governments are reluctant to turn over their powers to an outside body that could rule against them". We have pointed out several times that the environmental agenda is being used as the main platform to introduce global coercion of national governments and eventually kick-off the One World Government. Robin Mearns, co-director of the Environment Group and Fellow of the U.K. based Institute of Development Studies once said "During any 'issue-attention-cycle' in environmental campaigning, there is a phase in which the issue needs to be strategically exaggerated in order to establish it firmly on an agenda for action". That this is going on today is confirmed by a report that says the environmentalists are indeed making the situation look far worse than scientific data suggest. Gary Kah in his book The New World Religion has long warned that the eventual global body would be composed not of representatives of national governments, but "not more than 23 individuals" from UN-recognised NGOs. That the world is heading in this direction is now beyond any doubts or questions.


REMEMBER LOT'S WIFE --- Luke 17:32


A Texas mother, Andrea Yates has been convicted of capital murder and sent to life imprisonment for the murder of her five children. The 37 year old former nurse drowned the children aged 6 months to 7 years in the family bathtub on June 20 last year in what she believed was an attempt to save them from the devil. (Guardian Mar 30, pg 5).





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