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 May - June  2002      


 Laptops and palmtops are on their way to extinction as the 'wearable computer' makes its appearance in the IT market. According to an article in Holland Herald (KLM in-flight Magazine March 2002, pg 42-43), "the wearable" is a sort of deconstructed PC. The CPU and the hard disk are worn on a belt, while a screen the size of a postage stamp, is mounted on a headset and located so close to the eye that the wearer has the illusion that is full-sized. The wearable PC is reported to be in "great demand", presently by maintenance engineers of telecom companies, medical teams, aircraft mechanics and other such professionals who would like to have on-line technical manuals right in the middle of some delicate operations on remote locations.
However, it is generally recognized that 'the wearable' is only the beginning of something far bigger to come. According to Malcom Brown the author of the article, "surely the ultimate mobile-computer-cum-personal- communicator would be one that you carried around in your head". He added that Hybrid Brain Machine Interfaces (HBMI) are already being developed that can be implanted into the brain and used to control movements. Mr Brown further agrees that it is only a matter of time before the implanted microchip is made to tap "into the complex neural interactions that help us form thoughts". The end-result will be the ability to send electronic signals to remote computers like computers so that we can write e-mails or even books simply by thinking about them. Ultimately, thought-activated messages could be sent directly from one brain-implanted HBMI microchip to another in another skull - in short, telepathy. But Mr Brown recognizes the danger of all these developments. He wrote: "The ultimate nightmare, of course, would be that it might become feasible to tap into other people's brains without permission and read their thoughts, or reverse the process, and PLANT thoughts into their minds. If that becomes a reality, we won't just have minds controlling actions, we'd have the very real possibility of mind control itself". ... ...The writer writes as if all these possibilities are still far away into the future, but the reality is that the future is already here. Regular readers of Church Arise! will of course recall that Prof Warwick's Cyborg I experiment at the University of Reading (among other such experiments in other centers of the world) has already clearly demonstrated the reality of controlling external devices and the motion of an implanted person via thoughts. The HBMI is therefore merely another avenue to soft-sell this product which the Bible says will come up and be made mandatory at the close of the age. See the next article for latest reports on Professor Warwick's Cyborg II experiment.

In Vol 4 No 6, we described in details how a microchip implant will make it possible for not only movements, but thoughts and emotions can be monitored and possibly controlled. As at that time, only movements could be remotely monitored and controlled. Now the experiment to probe into thoughts and emotion is already on with the successful implantation of a microelectrode array onto the median nerve of the same subject Professor Kevin Warwick of the University of Reading, United Kingdom. The insertion was done at 8.30 am on March 14, 2002. Readers are encouraged to get the details (everything just as previously speculated) from here 

There could be little doubt that the device is, at least, the precursor to the mark of the beast mentioned in Rev. 13:16. As we have reported earlier, the only two possible sites for insertion of this chip are precisely where the Bible said it will be: hand and head. Part of the write-up from the webpage reads: "The sophisticated new microelectronic implant has been developed that allows two-way connection to the nervous system. In one direction, the natural activity of nerves are detected and in the other, nerves can be activated by applied electrical pulses. The array positioned in the wrist contains 100 spikes with sensitive tips - each of these making direct connections with nerve fibres. Wires linked to the array have been tunneled up Kevin's arm, where they appear through a skin puncture, 15 cm away from the array." (Please refer to the pictures HERE  to see the MARK clearly seen on the arm at the "skin puncture" referred to above) It was suggested that in future, the wire through-the-skin may be replaced by a radio link connecting the fully implanted component with the external control computers. Although in the Cyborg II experiment, the write-up is much mellowed and only the medical applications were continually highlighted, obviously not to encourage people to think about other possible applications for the device, those who have being following the series will know very well that the whole point is to "hasten human evolution" technologically by producing a man-machine, a Cyborg. Which is precisely the name of the experiment. Even the current write-up casually makes such a suggestion: "It is also possible to speculate that such devices could be used in the future to extend the capabilities of ordinary humans, for example enabling extra-sensory input and to provide new methods of communication with machines or other humans". Mark Gasson, a Design Engineer at the University of Reading sums up very concisely the implications of the experiment: "The advances being made now have immediate consequences for the medical world, and implications for the future of all of us. This is certainly not a small step for man and especially not for mankind." These are not the ranting of a "religious fanatic" but some serious message from a sober scientist. He who has ears to hear should hear!

Stop Press: It has now being reported by David Streitfeld of the Los Angeles Times, that 8 people in Florida will be receiving the Silicon chips on Friday May 10. Hence we can see that while the research to perfect the microchip to the capabilities prescribed for it by Scriptures 2000 years ago continues, the efforts to popularize it is already on-going. Like we have been warning for a few years now, in Nigeria the preliminary promotion of the chips is still via the chip-based cards. See below.
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Anti-globalization protests in Washington
Sunday April 21, several thousands of protesters carrying placards and chanting slogans gathered to demonstrate against the globalization goal of the World Bank and the IMF. Unlike other previous such gatherings, there were minimal violence, as according to reports, police and secret service personnel probably outnumbered the protesters! One of the demonstrators explained the action and their grouse with these agents of globalization: "I've watched IMF and World Bank policies crush rural economies from the Rio Grande to the other end of Chile. It is obvious to senior IMF and World Bank officials that these policies don't work". (Punch April 22, page 3). Indeed, and it should also be obvious to everyone that the gang-up of the world under one political-socio-economy umbrella to fight the Kingdom of Christ (usually labeled as the "Judaeo-Christian paradigms" viz belief in, and absolute surrender to a personal almighty Creator, sanctity of institutions such as marriage, restraints and self-discipline from various carnal lusts etc) is a more urgent agenda for these senior fellows.
Meanwhile, the Central Bank for West Africa is scheduled to take off in this September.



Further strides in marketing the microchip in Nigeria: Another boost in bringing the microchip-based smart-card to the grassroot in Nigeria was recorded with the formal launching of the Smartcard Society of Nigeria, a Society whose objective is to "encourage and stimulate the use of smartcards, a cashless payment system, and other digital or electronic technologies" in Nigeria. Speaking on the target market, the association's Deputy Chairman, Demola Aladekomo said "manufacturers and suppliers of smartcard and users like banks and others are our target market". Other willing users like "traders" are also recognized. Specific projects targeted in Nigeria include the National Identification Card (registration begins this May), Driver's licence, National Health Insurance Scheme. Thus, our prediction that the microchip-based card will soon cover the entire social and economic spectrum in Nigeria is about to be fulfilled. The next inevitable step, as the Bible clearly states, is the transfer of the microchip into humans directly. Nothing to fret about, it only tells of the imminent end of the current socio-economy and spiritual world order. Only the self-deluded will pretend nothing is happening. 
Ted Turner Media Houses fight Nigeria.:
First it was the CNN reporting that Nigerians prefer military rule to the present democratic government. Many Nigerians from diverse interests promptly expressed their outrage. The FG called foreign media houses together to protest such bias coverage, and in view of the short notice, offered in the letter of invitation to the press briefing, to pay for the flight tickets and accommodation of the foreign journalists. This promise was redeemed in cash, publicly given to the journalists. However, 2 months after the event, TIME magazine, the sister-media house to CNN, linking the event with events in Zimbabwe, reported that the Nigerian government is giving foreign journalists 'brown envelopes' to get good coverage. TIME reporter, Stephen Faris was not even present at Abuja at the event he was reporting on. It is thus clear that the Ted Turner organizations have declared a subtle war on the Nigerian government. Ted Turner is a major advocate and sponsor for one world government whose tools include agencies such as the IMF...





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