At Church Arise! LivingWater Ministries, we believe that the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ is imminent. We believe however, as the Lord has affirmed in the Scriptures, that no man will be given any dates for this event - and so we must remain ready at all times. 

We further believe that as a build-up to the coming of the Lord, the world is currently irreversibly headed for a one-world government, and a one-world religion. This is the essence of Secular Humanism. However, after the initial euphoria and bloated 'successes', the result, like the Tower of Babel project before, will be unprecedented disaster upon the ungodly. Today, and before all these happen, the Church is designed and called to reign and manifest the glory of Jesus. As the only opposition to humanism - claiming to be the ONLY way, and proclaiming Christ as King, the Church should brace up for some stiff challenges and persecutions of all sorts. However, as the Lord assures us, the Gates of Hell can never prevail against the Church. As long as the Church is around on earth, the full purposes of the Forces of darkness can NEVER be realised.

At Church Arise! we seek to encourage the Church to keep these issues in perspective and help Christians not to be carried away by the lures/appeals of the unfolding world order. Though in the world, Christians (as salt and light) are not of the world.
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