The specific main projects through which we hope to accomplish our vision are:

1. Library and Reading Room Services

This is the central focus of the ministry and the umbrella mission tying the other projects together. There are currently over 400 materials including books, audio and video cassettes and compact discs (not including magazines and similar materials) in our small Library. They have all been carefully selected to provide essential information to Christians of different backgrounds and situations about current developments in the world; as well as remind them of important lessons in history. Both (relevant) secular and religious materials are being stocked.. (Enquiries: Mrs J.O. Ojo)

2. Publications.

The scope of our vision for this project include publishing of Newsletter, magazines, books, stickers, and other allied materials to directly promote the larger visions of the ministry as previously stated. Up till the beginning of this year, only our Newsletter, Church Arise! was being produced.  Our newsletter, Church Arise!, to the glory of God, has continued to come out regularly, bi-monthly for over three years now. Readership has spread all over Nigeria and even outside of it. Our 20th issue was published in March 2001.
(Enquiries: Dr J.O. Ojo)

3. House of Prayer

Under this project, facilities are made available for prayers to be conducted by volunteer members of the ministry, round the clock at designated hours of prayers. The prayer sessions are opened to all children of God who desire to participate in them. Prayer emphasis is on the Body of Christ and national and international issues, but personal prayer requests are also treated. This is the spiritual backbone of our ministry.
(Enquiries: Mrs M.A. Adebajo)

4. Evangelistic Outreaches

Evangelistic outreaches in line with the visions of CALM are periodically arranged and conducted. For now, these are mainly in the form of:
i. Video and Film Outreaches
ii. Seminars and Public lectures and debates and
iii. Through personal one-to-one 'street' and workplace evangelism, especially for participants in our discipleship training programmes.
Apart from special periodic outreaches arranged by CALM, we will be pleased to respond to particular invitations from both secular and religious organizations. Interested individuals may also wish to sponsor any of these meetings. Main topics of interest include One World Government, One World Religion and Evolution versus Creation debate. 
(Enquiries: Mr R.O. Osoniyi/Dr S.A. Ademola)

5. Discipleship training

The main objective of this Project is to take young (and already matured Christians who so desire) through a systematic experiential study of the foundation stone doctrines of Christianity unto developing a solid Christian worldview necessary for successful end-time living. There are three levels of training, each lasting roughly fifteen weeks. There is strong emphasis on personal study of some Christian classics; ancient and recent history of the Church; attendance at Seminars, practical evangelism; and personal holiness. This training is offered only to those who are very serious about developing a solid relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ especially at a time like these.
(Enquiries:Dr J.O. Ojo/Pastor Ben Jesudunsin)
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